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Nov 19

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Sep 02

Broccoli Brothers Circus Large band Edition!!!!

We welcome Broccoli Brothers to the Stage Broccoli Perry and Broccoli Betty for a full on Broccoli get down !!! Miracle Field 9-10-16 join us for music games and lots of FUN!!! Broccoli Bros play 9:30am-11:30am

Apr 17

Upcoming Shows for Mr. Mark and Broccoli Brothers

April 23 Earth Day  2016     Hugh McRae Park! Art Village  Mr. Mark the Rapping Red Oak  Kids’ EcoZone Area

Wilmington’s 2016 Earth Day celebration is a family-friendly event encouraging children of all ages to become more aware of our planet. Specific details are to come! Along with the exhibitors, there will be a kid’s music area right next to the kid’s tent!

We are happy to announce the return of the Nature Brigade Parade to the Earth Day activities this year. We are returning to the roots of the Earth Day event and including a nature inspired walking parade. The parade is called the “Nature Brigade Parade” and it will be led by Mr. Mark’s Music (Futureshine Entertainment) from 1:30-2:00 pm. We will start the parade at the kids tent at 1:35pm and walk a short path around the perimeter of the Earth Day festivities and end up with a drum session in front of the main stage and then a ECO jam with the Rapping Red Oak and the “Nature Brigaders” (including members of Cosmic groove lizards). Calling all drummers and people who want to dress up as your favorite flora or fauna creature. Let’s make this parade an event to remember!

Wilmington Earth Day

Dec 12

Gift the Gift of Music this Holiday from Futureshine Entertainment Mr. Mark and Broccoli Brothers

  1. Broccoli Brothers Circus

  2. Shake yo shakers
    mr Mark (Mark Dannon Herbert

  3. Merry Christmas from Mr. Mark

  4. Halloween Treats From Mr Mark

  5. jooyner callls the band for shade inquiry

  6. broccoli brothers voicemail diaries (broccoli bosephus goes for a boat ride)

  7. Mr. Mark’s Magic Mix Volume 1

  8. Get thee evil away from me
    mark dannon herbert

  9. Aftermath(Sept 11 remembered)

  10. Do you dream in Color? (Live @ the Cactus Rose with Dear Daddy Jerry Herbert aka Juke Box Jerry )

  11. Turn that water (into wine)

  12. My Love (Cover) Featuring Ben Morrow on Banjo
    Mark Herbert /Ben Morrow

  13. 5 little monkeys

  14. The Apple Song

Sep 27

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Sep 25

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Sep 24

Upcoming events

9-24 Mark @ Wilmington Brewing company 5:30-7:30

9-25  Mark and Ben @ Pilot House

9-26 Mr. Mark@ Cape Fear Museum  grand opening of park! 1-4pm

9-27 Mr. Mark @ Whole Foods

9-27 Mark Herbert @ Fermental

10-1 Mark @ Wilmington Brewing company

10-3 Riverfest Art set up(Dock Street Printing Parking Lot)

10-4 Riverfest Art set up(Dock Street Printing Parking Lot)

10-8 Mark Herbert @ Goat and Compass

10-9 Mark and Ben @ Pilot House

10-10 Mr. Mark@ Seafood Blues and Jazz + Art Booth on back porch of  wine area

10-11 Mr. Mark@ Seafood Blues and Jazz + Art Booth on back porch of  wine area

10-17 Wilmington Seafood Festival

10-18 Wilmington Seafood Festival

Jul 25

Upcoming Shows

7-25-15    5-8pm Airlie Gardens Family Fun night  Mr. Mark with special guest Harry Patterson

7-28-15     6:30- 8:30    Carolina Beach Boardwalk Family Night  Mr. Mark

7-31-15     6:30-9:30 Mark and Ben @ Pilot House Riverfront deck

8-1-15        Mr. Mark @Whole Foods Wilmington

Broccoli Brothers Circus Band
Book the Broccoli Brothers into your b-day party/ school/library or event
.The Broccoli Brothers Circus brings fun education entertainment that will make you smile :)
email or call Mark @ 910-228-6210

Jun 13

Upcoming Shows

6-19 Mark Herbert @Flytrap Brewery!

6-20 Mr.Mark @ kids Music Fest Kure Beach

lots more July Events on the books .. book your event today with Futureshine Entertainment

text 910-228-6210 for more info and inquiries

7-3 Mark and Ben @ Pilot house

7-4 Mark Herbert @ Koa campgrounds


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