Birthday Packages $150 and up

Birthday Packages (starting @ $150

what’s more fun on your b-day than a barrel full of monkeys?
A Mr. Mark concert ++ a barrel full of monkeys!
I offer several options and can help work with you to make your child’s celebration a to remember.

Mr. Mark’s Music Party Plan $150
This is and acoustic 1 hour show with fun tunes for the kids with shakers and silly puppetry and lots of interactive songs and games
be sure to add my party prize packs with a limited addition CD mix and fun stickers coloring pages and other cool stuff to remember the occasion with!
12 / $50 25 /$100 50/$200

MC Magic Mark Plan .. $250
let me keep the part going! 2 hours of fun family friendly interactive DJ services +++ a full on 45 minute amplified performance by Mr. Mark