All the classics on one sure sized cd! sure to be a hit with the whole family!!!

Songs include:
Animal sound rap, lizard tale boogie,
Big Water melon, if you could be a bear,
Pirate song, Froggie went a courtin’ (funky rock version),
I’m gonna be a clown
Eat your vegetables..and of course
everyone’s new favorite..
Get your tater on! ++++++++++++++++++++++
bonus songs from the now out of print album “spoof here it is ” including Healthy Hygiene (is What I got) Gotta have fruit, wheels on the folsom school bus and more
unreleased tracks and bonus material featuring the release from my band Cosmic Groove Lizards “Fairy tales” and Children fro a better tomorrow”
2 samples from my newest CD Shaker Your shakers!!

you can listen to sample tracks online and learn more about me @

20% of proceeds go towards my daughter’s education and
20% of the goes towards are enrichment programming in area schools!

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