Broccoli Brothers Circus


The Broccoli Brothers Circus is a multimedia book /DVD  project involving a  series of crazy characters from the mind of  Children’s entertainer/educator “Mr. Mark ”    .  Including the Incredible Stalk,  the Broccoli brothers band ,Dill Beard the Pickle Pirate, Captain Carrot, Sir Thomas Tomato , Monsieur Mustarde Verde  and many more. Full of puns and tons of fun these adventures will captivate and inspire kids to like veggies. This book is homegrown with love and dedicated to your local co-ops and farmers! Sure to bring lots of fun for the whole family:p)The

coloring book is available for $10  and includes  bonus artwork

You can also order a multimedia CD featuring print your own versions of  the Coloring book plus tons of bonus MP3s  and color artworks for $15 .. or order both for $20 and receive a bonus broccoli brother art  print!

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