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Got a chance to catch up with my old friend Lipbone redding the other day for a zoom chat  with the puppet crew 
be sure to check out his stream tomorrow night  

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Recently had the pleasure of speaking to andy cooper about some of his  upcoming  projects  with and got some inspiring  tidbits unfortunately video  failed to record but I'll recall a few bits of our conversation .. We talked a bit about what it means to  be  an artist  versus making a manufactured product with the sole design  to be marketable have their own separate spaces   and how  those  perpendicular  those worlds  can be.  we also talked  how different levels of fame and success can have their price and being comfortable where you are at  is important  .. One of  the takeaways from our  chat was to stay true to your vision  and good things will come as you develop and refine .. we talked about the value of collaborating  with other musicians and keeping things fresh  creatively .. speaking of  fresh with a little one on the way and almost here Andy will be embarking in a whole new endeavor as a first time dad!  andy is no stranger to embracing a sense  child like wonder in his music  however he has never done an album specifically for kids until now that is he is currently  about to start working on a new kids  project as well as several upcoming collabs .. cant wait to check in later and see what creative things Andy comes up with his music videos are always fun and his music motivates   visually  compelling 
check out this  video which is a nod to the old school kids shows
legendary reggae guitarist andy  bassford  took time to answer a few questions from the broc boys !
What a powerful  performance 
Wilmington's own 
rebekah todd 
Favorite Animators :) 
current Comedic relief 
classic inspirations 
Leftover salmon 
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