Broccoli Boot Camp 2.0
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What did I feed My body  mind and spirit today ? 
Journey with me as I make a commitment to myself to be a better broccoli man so that I can serve my family and community better and share the resources I find along the way !

Blood pressure check in  5-27   127/70  (much better than the past few weeks)
back into exercise routine a bit better and committed to minimum carbs 
30 sit ups 30 curls  10,000 step goal every day  
Broccoli Boot Camp 2.0
There has been so much since my last entry as I let some old patterns slide back in and my Willpower and Discipline  got dissolved for a period of time and this is all a part of the journey as I share a little of the struggle with you  .  Dealing  with  depression medication changes  and anxiety flare ups paired with excessive drinking and over indulgence in junk food overtook me for several  weeks  . Its no excuse but  these familiar  crutches are  delusionally  comforting .  I am currently back    on a good path  checking in with my friends and  accountability partners in the community  .. I am back in the saddle and going to give it another proper try :)  
Honesty is what this blog is for and I am  well on the road to Recovery !
 I appreciate all of you and your Love  and Support as I  journey together with You   through my next phase of this Human Experience 
Its been 11 days allready since I last had a drink and I am ready for what challenges  and Joys tomorrow holds 
Please enjoy the video  from my newest song  a studio version coming soon 
Blessings of Peace Strength and  Joy  to you all !

Day 34 

Today was more of a struggle to stay on track but did manage to make modest gains 
little gardening work made my mental health better
grilled veggies for dinner  
walked the dog later in the day 
Day 33 
Forgot to eat the pennywort  and also had too much salt today and previous day  blood pressure rose  quite a bit at  nightly reading will be more aware of it tomorrow 
did get in my 10,000 steps sit ups and arm work 
not enough water either 

Day 32 
Being carb conscious today ! I definitely know the benefits of refraining from eating  carbs as much as possible ..its just easier said than done 
Day 31 
Thinking the pennywort may be helping me along  with blood pressure .. honestly this was not the most productive /outstanding day as far as overall fitness goals but I will take it as win.. I had a wonderful experience @ Panacea Brewery  making music and enjoyed their AMAZING  Goddess salad YUM  I made it through most everything was good 75% of the day got most essentials knocked out and yes I lost a battle to a pizza that I came home to after work. I'll admit it  

BP 116/73
Day 30 
Hooray 30 days of putting my health as a priority ! rainy day didnt get as many steps in and didn't manage to get  in arms but will get back on track 

Day 29 

Here are 8 ways you can help us and thanks to the folks who continue to do this over the years it has kept us afloat by Grace
1. Share links to my art and music sites on social media  and interact with posts to appease the algorithmic gate keepers
2. Invest in our family by Purchasing our art
3 Stream or buy FutureShine Music or Broccoli Brothers Circus on any major platform
4 buy a Broccoli Brothers Circus cd (we just ordered 1000 more of the original album for Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival of Music and Dance (working on the next one(s)
5. hire our music services for your next event I have some limited availabilities for this year but I am booking 2025 (I LOVE TO PLAN)
6. come out to a music or art show .. next art show April 6/7 at poplar grove calendar on website
7. leave a tip or a donation @futurshinemusic on Venmo if you are in a position too and feel called to
8.Say a prayer / blessing / send wishes for abundance and health for my family
thank you, thank you, thank you, and love to all of you !
Day 28 
I haven't really expounded upon Water Kefir yet  but let me tell ya this stuff is SO GOOD .. gives me energy almost immediately and is a great way to get some good gut health going .. Think I have finally dialed it in :)  here's a video I found that might be helpful . 
Day 27 

I have lost 20 pounds already since I started and gained muscle in my core and arms and legs allowing me to burn more fat and develop strength .Most importantly I feel the best I have felt in a long while . Many folks would never think that silly broccoli hat wearing Mr. Mark could suffer from depression and other mental health issues but I am hear to tell you that I do and I have been addressing them recently and want to shake the stigma that sometimes occurs. It is 100 percent OK to not be ok all the time. Seeking help is NOT a weakness . I have been making Peace within myself and letting go of a lot of clutter in my mind. Yesterday I listened to a song that evoked some raw sadness bawled my eyes out and felt better for it .. Laurel Herbert happened to walk into my office was worried for a minute about it and I explained that I was just feeling my feels and the I let it pass and moved on to a beautiful day .. Please take time to feel all of your emotions, its very important. I discovered a while back during the beginning of the pandemic that I am my True Best Self when I am living a life of Passionate Purpose and I am feeling guided to really make some Big things happen in the near future
Day 26
it is very easy to fall out of a routine  and life doesnt always allow for ideal for a non varying routine .. Trying to accept that not all days will be ideal and thats OK ! all progress 5000 steps is better than  0 steps .. Having more bread than usual and going back to omission of bread is better than just never thinking about it and going about it with the mindset of balance  

Day 25  Well I'm not sure if this is 100% accurate but started off the day with the lowest BP in while ..cant wait to see what the upcoming trend looks like with sampling the pennywort daily still on medication and watched salt yesterday so Im sure those other things factored in as well 
11,000 steps 
breakfast banana            late  lunch  apple cottage cheese    dinner falafels                                                                                                                          chickpeas and spinach 

BP 121/74
Day 24 
Got in gardening today and if felt great 
planted  nasturtium , cukes, more peas, radishes and bok choy 
learned more about an invasive weed I have been removing from my garden called  Pennywort or dollar weed
turns out is super beneficial for blood pressure /anxiety /sleeplessness /and repairing nerves  

Day 23  
trucking along   

knocked out 7000 steps early trying to make sure I get 10,000 in jogged about 1/4 to 1/5 of the way 
Making  plans for Sunday  and thinking of the week and hope to prepare for it 
Day 22   
today I felt resolved to make it another 3 weeks alcohol free and I am really commiting to limiting bread to 2 serving a week  maximum 
watching out for hidden sugar  

8000  steps 

Day 21 
Today a made a conscious  choice to introduce a reward day for my original agreement of no alcohol  that can be used every 3 weeks  if desired  with the proper amount of exercise preceding to offset calories   .. This was done with clear intent to see if I can keep the discipline I have been developing  carried through after a night of a consuming a moderate amount of alcohol  and not fall into and unhealthy pattern again .. An experiment 

A new path 
revitalized  for tomorrow 
thinking of the garden 
but haven't seemed to make time for the little sprouts 

Day 20 Today was not the best day mentally  or physically  but lessons were learned and I am hopeful
30 situps 
30 arm reps 6000 steps 

Day 19 
Short jog/walk  in the morning  
working on new arm reps  for different muscles
breakfast banana 
lunch Salad   
Healthy Dinner  Roasted beets /cauliflower garlic  
did hit up some ice cream and gave in to  little mini sugar craving episode   several large  spoonfuls 
30 sit ups 30 curls  30 
Day 18 
Dinner Salad w/ Salmon
switched  up the walk/ jog went to Halyburton Park 
Lunch : spinach salad 
breakfast apple  

14,000 steps
30 sit ups  arm work 
Day 17 

Rain through me off .. but managed a little walk jog in the eve
Did not eat very well today and overate a bit 

30 situps forgot arms 
Sold some art YAY! 
Day 16    
jogging is a bit easier   
getting in a groove with somewhat of a routine tried new stretches 
adding more into arm routine 
Day 15  
breakfast     late  
lunch spinach salad   apple 
snack bananas peanut butter 
dinner :sushi  
situps 35   
listened to the 4 agreements while walking /jogging  because it kept coming up over and over again and I realized I had not read it 

BP 125 /74
Day 14   walked /jogged again and started using my Samsung health act to gage distance and broke 16000 steps gonna try to beat that soon 
started  doing sit-ups 30 situps
ate very healthy all day  happy to be on the journey                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       breakfast hummus and veggies 
lunch : tempeh /salad
dinner oatmeal with peanut butter and bananas 

Day 13  back at it feeling better  as far as my commitment  to betterment  today 
its easy to get frustrated but all days will not be equal 
thinking of Atomic Habits  by James Clear and about to re read 

 Breakfast :banana
Snack: hummus and Broccoli 
Lunch .. bowl of beans 
Dinner : smoothie 
132/80 bp high but lower than 3 days ago 
Day 12
did  not get any  jogging walking in this morning woke up a bit later  and  probably need a break anyway   to let aches subside ate  healthy for breakfast  fairly healthy for   lunch and overdid it a bit with dinner about to go do some sit ups  curls and exercise ball stretching 
also really didnt drink enough water  today but now I am aware since Im writing this down 
 blood pressure high but lower than yesterday!   136 /78 
Day 11 : Woke up at 5:30 I am very sore from yesterdays exercises but mentally feeling good and eager to build on what I already started 
trying to pay attention to other aspects  of health now including my high blood pressure  which I need to prioritize 
less sodium /caffeine                                    BP           153/85  very high 

jogged again lots of lactic acid pain 

Day 10 : Today was a big day! when I was walking the dog I felt a urge to try to jog again for the first time in a long time .. being overweight has always made jogging difficult on my knees (previous surgery ) BUT ... I just started going for it and went  through the neighborhood  and  park jogging in short stints ..definitely need to stretch more..

drank LOTS of WATER!!
Day 9 :   taking a big step today on reflection and addressing some inner mental health challenges and noticing anxiety trends and working on ways to relieve  pain  and depression 
Day 8  
not the best day  not the worst day...  tested neg for covid!

Day 7 
ok getting back to feeling better and being productive 

Day 6   
My water kefir crystals  came in!      started brew process         

Day 5 : rest  and rest  feeling somewhat better 

Day 5 
rest and rest 

Day 4 
ughh just feel miserable 
rest and rest 
Day 3   
Today was off to a decent start with some work around the house and this I progressively  felt worse with headaches and feeling flu like symptoms   .. took a covid test yikes .....first time getting covid ever 
Day 2 
well this day was pretty easy for the most part with just the one thing to keep track of .. played some music at a bar and the temptation was there but not strong since I had already started my plan and new this would be a great test of my resolve 
plus Panacea Kombucha  is tasty 
Day 1  
From humble beginnings .. this day was just dedicated to  the start of things which mainly meant making paying attention to one thing  I needed to eliminate first entirely from my diet and  regimen and that meant  no  alcohol  and was easy choice for a start .. my agreement to myself  is to deal with things in 10 day increments which is an exercise in discipline and then every 10 days I will try to add  or subtract  something to the regimen 

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